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  • 2019-05-24
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来源:微弹簧圈MCS       发布时间:2017.05.02


背 景 Background
      微螺旋弹簧(Micro-coil Spring,MCS)封装技术因应复杂、恶劣使用环境运而生。弹簧结构不仅继承了CCGA的优异表现,更能够承受更大的应力,以确保连接机构的稳定性,从而获得更长的使用寿命,未来将在航天航空、军事上发挥重要的作用。
       Micro-coil Spring (MCS) package emerges at the right moment for temperature extremes, thermal cycling and vibration. Helical spring structure not only inherit the performance advantages of other CCGA, but also bear great stress so as to ensure the integrity of the solder connection and function, and greatly extend the service life of components. Micro-coil Spring will play an impaortant rule in aerospace and military filed.
构 造 图 Structure
      Micro-coil  spring is consist of helical spring and solder coating.Ontology helical spring is made of beryllium copper alloy.
有限元模拟 Finite Element Simulation
Failure is likely to occur in the coil windings rather than at the solder fillet.
失效模式 Failure Modes
MCS package has two main failure modes, as are shown.
规格与型号 Specifications